In Thorland Group we strike to be one of the best credit loan service provider in Malaysia with the opportunity to deliver on our promises at what is often a difficult time for our customers. Thorland Group was first established in Jun 2009 which based in Malaysia and also have a subsidiary company under which is Thorland Dynasty Holdings. The company provide the easy installment plan with fast application that takes only 2 days to process that support entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business widely.

在Thorland集团,我们成为马来西亚最好的信贷服务提供商之一,有机会在我们的客户经常遇到困难的时候兑现我们的承诺。 Thorland集团于2009年6月成立,总部设在马来西亚,并拥有一家子公司,隶属于Thorland Dynasty Holdings。 该公司提供简单的分期付款计划和快速的应用程序,只需24小时的处理,以支持企业家广泛发展和拓展业务。

Our Promises: / 我们的承诺:

To deliver the best customer services. / •提供最佳的客户服务。

To always make sure that the services given is fast and delivered on time. / •优于确保所提供的服务快速并按时交付。

To always provide high quality products that meets customer satisfaction and expectation. / •优于提供满足客户满意度和期望的高质量产品。

We allot 3 different categories that we covered for the easy installment for customer to choose from such as:

Industrial Kitchen Equipment 
  • Stainless Steel Equipment  / 不锈钢设备
  • Commercial Refregeration / 商业再造
  • Electric/Gas Appliance  / 电气/燃气器具
  • Kitchenware / 厨具
  • Bakery Machinery Equipment  / 烘焙机械设备
  • Tables And Chairs / 桌子和椅子
  • Signboard / 招牌
  • Used Item / 使用的物品

Home Equipment 
  • Electric Appliance / 电器
  • Furniture Item / 家具项目
Car Equipment
  • Car Accessories / 汽车配件
  • Car Painting / 汽车绘画
  • Car Service & Rim Tyre & Auto Part / 汽车服务及轮胎和汽车零件
  • Car Tinted & Sticker / 汽车着色和贴纸


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